Program 1: Nine Week Course
This program allows the participants to fully participate in, appreciate, and experience the transforming ability of mindfulness meditation and yoga. The program consists of one 2 ˝ - hour class per week for nine weeks and a 7-hour retreat. The first class provides an overview of the entire program. During the remaining weekly classes participants will engage in experiential exercises, class discussions, and several meditation techniques. Daily homework assignments consisting of some combination of yoga practice, meditation, reading, and short written exercises take about one hour to complete. A textbook, workbook, and instructional CDs are provided.

Program 2: Mindfulness Workshop
This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the power of mindfulness meditation and yoga. The participants meet 2 ˝ hours per week for three weeks. There will be a number of experiential and interactive exercises conducted throughout the workshop. These will include guided meditation, gentle stretching, mindful yoga, and practical approaches for dealing with stress. Time will be allowed for participants to discuss and explore their discoveries. A textbook, workbook, and instructional CDs are provided.

Program 3: Mindfulness Workshop and Retreat
This workshop is the same as Program 2 except that it includes a 7-hour retreat between the second and third classes.

Other Programs

“To teach how to live with uncertainty, yet without being paralyzed by hesitation, is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy can do.”

- Bertrand Russell

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